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We are committed to bring Superior Quality, Cost-Effective & On-Time Delivery Services
Our ability to compete in this business is based on our capabilities, experience and ability to acquire and harness the best talents as well as the constant renewal of the professionals' skills.

The Pivotal Role Of
On-Ground Checks

"A" Checks
Transit Services
AOG Emergency
Technical Checks



Line Maintenance

Full Line Maintenance services all the way to “A” Check level are available for a wide variety of aircraft. The types covered – among others – are B737s, B747s, B777s, A310s, A320s, A330s, DC10s, MD80s, MD11s, CRJ1000s, and ATR72s aircrafts. Additionally, we are working to expand our capabilities to perform maintenance for B787s. We are prepared at all times to handle overnight transit service and emergency AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations. GMF AeroAsia Line Maintenance is always open and staffed around the clock to assist our customers at short notice.

Our capability is further enhanced by the MCC (Maintenance Control Center) which plays a vital role in aircraft “on-ground situations”. Our engineers are proven leaders in ensuring that aircraft operations run smoothly, and minimizing the impact of unplanned maintenance or technical delays. GMF AeroAsia Line Maintenance handles more than 1.000 flights daily until now. This figure will definitely increase in the future.

GMF AeroAsia is ready to be a strategic partner of aircraft maintenance for every inbound and outbound flights as we provide services in more than 70 line stations throughout Indonesia. Furthermore, more stations around the globe, such as Amsterdam, Jeddah, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney.


Trust The
Heavy Maintenance
To Our Experts

Heavy Maintenance Service Solutions
Regular Heavy Checks Major Defect Rectification
Heavy Structural Repairs
Exterior Re-spraying
Decorative Finishing
Interior Refurbishment
In-flight Entertainment
Cargo Conversion



Base Maintenance

We offer excellent Base Maintenance services that deliver effective and cost-efficient solutions, performed by our highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians. The services range from regular heavy checks, major defect rectifications, aircraft exterior repainting to decorative finishing, modifications, cabin refurbishment and reconfiguration, in-flight entertainment, heavy structural repairs, to cargo conversion. Base Maintenance works are conducted in our spacious hangar, which is able to accommodate 7 wide-body and 16 narrow-body aircrafts simultaneously with 1 dedicated aircraft painting hangar. We regularly handle Heavy Maintenance for B737s, B747s, B777s, A320s, A330s, DC10s, MD80s, MD11s, CRJ1000s, and ATR72s aircrafts.


Precision &
are the Keys

Handling Delicate Aircraft Components
Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Maintenance
Facilitate Aircraft Instruments



Component Services

We are able to provide an Integrated Component Services (ICS) and single component services including component management and component maintenance that covers B737s, B747s, B777s, A320s, A330s, CRJ1000s, and ATR72s aircrafts.

Customer can enjoy the convenience of one-stop component solution through several scheme of services such as pooling management, availability management, and repair management. We are growing to be a Pooling Service Provider that give a comprehensive solution for customer, for certainty of the availability aircraft components, certainty of pricing, and we are fully supported by our experts and partners.

Availability management would provide consignment stock to fulfill the floating spare of components, which is also parts of ICS. Repair management would give the customer kind of component repair scheme such as loan and exchange components, support the customer for components trading, and provide the component maintenance through in-house capabilities or our world class partner capabilities.

A wide range of in-house capability is available for component maintenance in Avionics, Electro Mechanical, Wheel Brake & Landing Gear, also NDT & Calibration expertise. Through the highly skilled of personnel and international certification (DGCA, FAA, EASA) would provide a high quality of products.


Analyse Precisely
for Your
Aircraft's Safety

Update Manuals
Perform SB and AD Evaluations
Executing Tests and Configurations



Engineering Services

Our experienced and certified engineers are known for their excellent reputation in handling every task with dedication and care. They are capable of providing precise analysis of the aircraft performance, and recommendations for optimal maintenance programs in aircraft system, avionics, power plant, structural engineering, along with reliability management and technical document management.

We deliver high-quality services in maintaining and updating aircraft manuals, performing AD and SB evaluations as well as regular test, such as reliability control programs, cabin refurbishment and reconfiguration, IFE retrofit, aircraft livery design, and creating maintenance job cards. We provide solutions that cover the entire life cycle of an aircraft, starting from its entry into service (phase-in) until its end of service (phase-out).

Furthermore, we establish a DOA (Design Organization Approval) that is approved by the Indonesian DGCA under CASR 21 Subpart J Certification, which enables us to handle minor repair works, such as design and minor alterations associated with APU design, structures, cabin interiors, and avionics. These services are our ways to provide maximum benefits for your airline business both in the short and long terms.


Aircraft Parts
in Store

Assets Management
Component Pooling
Parts Trade & Loan
Inventory Management
AOG Devices
Logistics & Distributions

Material &
Logistics Services


Material & Logistic Services

GMF AeroAsia Material Services maintains a large inventory of parts and operate supporting services such as asset management, parts trading, inventory management, logistics and distribution, and AOG services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We are authorized by the Indonesia DGCA to distribute aeronautical products under CASR 57 Certification. We have also become an Aviation Supplier Association (ASA – 100) Accreditation. Now GMF AeroAsia Material Services is available for online ordering through ILSmart.

Located in Bonded Logistic Center facility allows us to offer flexibility in fiscal, customs clearance, goods ownership, logistic activity with 24/7 services. In addition, GMF is fully capable in managing export, import, and distribution starting from its origin to destination using multi-mode transportation with priority basis service.

We aim to deliver airworthy and reliable aircraft to our customers by ensuring the availability of airworthy parts, spares and components, by holding certificates which can promote custom regulation and Dangerous Goods shipment compliance. This comprehensive service is also delivered through long-term relationships with our business partners.


Maintenance Services


Cabin Maintenance Services

GMF AeroAsia provides a wide range of cabin maintenance services for line operation, which caters for wide variety of aircrafts. These services include aircraft interior cleaning, aircraft exterior washing, aircraft disinsection, aircraft fumigation, potable water sterilization, aircraft carpet deep cleaning, carpet replacement, seat cover laundry and replacement, passenger seat inspection, and defect rectification. We are also capable of handling In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) AVOD services. In short, our services even go beyond that range.

These services are mainly provided in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK), along with external support in Denpasar (DPS), Medan (KNO), Surabaya (SUB), Makassar (UPG) and Balikpapan (BPN). Our services are available 24/7, including customer contact point located in the MCC (Maintenance Control Centre). This is to make sure that we provide outstanding, finest services.

For base operation, GMF AeroAsia provides Cabin (LOPA) Refurbishment, Cabin Reconfiguration and Modification, Survival Solutions, Manufacturing and Dress Covering, and Business Jet Refurbishment.


Every Moment

Overhaul Various Engine and APU

Engine &
APU Maintenance


Engine & APU Maintenance

GMF AeroAsia is well known in handling modern jet power plants. Currently, we handle CFM56-3, CFM56- 7B, GTCP-85, GTCP131-9A, GTCP131-9B, and GTCP331-350; also, we provide on-wing supports, offer Engine & APU Exchange and Leasing. Additionally, we are working to expand our capabilities to perform shop visit CFM56-5B engine overhaul, and PW100 series HSI & Overhaul.

Our engine workshop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tooling and World-Class Engine and APU Test Cell, which have thrust levels up to 100,000 pounds. This enables us to simulate the power plant performance under real-time conditions for accurate diagnosis.


Learning Center
for Human Capital

Experienced Instructors
Comprehensive Training Curriculum
Integrated with MRO
Certified by Indonesia DGCA & EASA



Learning Services

GMF AeroAsia work closely with World-Class aviation institutions and major manufacturers to create a solid training curriculum. This is one of the ways to strengthen our position as an experienced MRO. Therefore, the trainings are designed to meet the Indonesia DGCA and EASA requirements.

GMF AeroAsia Learning Services has already gained approval by the Indonesia DGCA as an AMTO 147 (Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization). We have CASR 147 Certification for Basic and Type Training capability, EASA 147 approval for the Boeing type (B747-400, B737NG and B777-200,- 300), and are one of the Airbus Training Center equipped with the Airbus Competence Training (ACT) simulators. All trainings and courses are compliant with the FAA requirement in order to provide approved Repair Station Training Program (RSTP) to support GMF AeroAsia AMO.

As world class Training Center, the graduate of GMF AeroAsia Learning Services are able to emerge in the industry at a global level, as our facility is integrated with AMO EASA 145. GMF Learning Services has Designated Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Examiner Representative which is approved by DGCA to support basic and type training Center of Competence.



Performance Analyzing



Power Service

Established in November 2006 with the goal to provide comprehensive repair and overhaul of industrial gas turbine engines, GMF Power Services provide a wide range of services comprising of maintenance and services of the repair, modification and overhaul of industrial and aero derivatives gas turbine engines, the repair and refurbishments of gas turbine components as well as providing the repair and overhaul of power generation services in the majors of generator, transformer & motor rewinding base. Furthermore, we also provide control and protection services on engines, generators and motors, as well as service of performance analyzing and engineering service of electrical rotary machine and power plant.

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Support Services


Aircraft Support Services

GMF Aircraft Support Services is the leading ground support equipment maintenance and services in terms of quality, reliability, safety, innovation and network coverage. The services is located at the Garuda Maintenance Facility AeroAsia, Soekarno-Hatta Airport Cengkareng, with approximately 4000 sq-m of working space on bonded area.

With more than 35 years experiences, GMF Aircraft Support Services is able to provide an “all-inclusive” service package to manage Ground Support Equipment (GSE) including maintenance, assembly and fabrication of GSE, and assembly and maintenance of ULD and meal trolley.