Engineering Services

Our experienced and certified engineers are known for their excellent reputation in​ handling every task with dedication and care. They are capable of providing precise​analysis of the aircraft performance, and recommendations for optimal maintenance​ programs in aircraft system, avionics, power plant, structural engineering, along with​ reliability management and technical document management.​

We deliver high-quality services in maintaining and updating aircraft manuals,​ Performing AD and SB evaluations as well as regular test, such as reliability control​ programs, cabin refurbishment and reconfiguration, IFE retrofit, aircraft livery design,​ and creating maintenance job cards. We provide solutions that cover the entire life​ cycle of an aircraft, starting from its entry into service (phase-in) until its end of​ service (phase-out).​

Furthermore, we establish a DOA (Design Organization Approval) that is approved by the Indonesian DGCA under CASR 21 Subpart J Certification, which enables us to handle design and approval for STC, major and minor change/repair works, associated with cabin safety, avionics electrical, structures and environmental systems. In addition, we also approved by EASA under Part 21 Subpart J Certification for minor changes and repairs in cabin safety, avionics electrical and structures. These services are our ways to provide maximum benefits for your airline business both in the short and long terms.