Why You Should Invest In GMF


Transportation is the backbone of a country's economy. Flight is a leading mode of transportation because of its speed, reliability and a high level of safety. Along with economic growth in a region, the number of aircraft serving passengers and goods in that region will also grow. In this case, Asia Pacific is projected to become a region with a fairly rapid growth by number of in-service aircraft on several years to come.

Aviation safety, which is a highly regulated business, is inseparable from maintenance, repair & overhaul activities offered by MRO companies. An MRO company needs to be equipped with trained human resources, modern tools and equipment as well as various aspects of compliance with local and international aviation regulators to be able to at all times serve all aircraft maintenance needs on a variety of types. This is what makes the MRO business always needed but at the same time has a high entry barrier against entrance of new players. In addition, not all countries have MRO companies and not all MRO companies have the capability to serve all types of aircraft and maintenance.

GMF is the largest MRO company in Indonesia. Born as an airline subsidiary, GMF has broad capabilities to be able to provide comprehensive services for its customers. At present, GMF has the capability of line maintenance, base maintenance, component services, engine maintenance and other maintenance services for the types of aircraft that are commonly operated domestically, regionally and globally. GMF's customer portfolio is very broad and continues to grow. Until now, GMF has served various aircraft operators from 5 continents for various types of aircraft. Strategic position, comprehensive services and competitive prices make GMF one of the leading MROs in the World.

Investment is about business sustainability and growth. As long as airplanes are filling up the skies, aircraft maintenance will always be needed and GMF will be there to serve.