Learning​ Services


GMF AeroAsia works closely with World-Class aviation institutions and major manufacturers to create a solid training curriculum. This is one of the ways to strengthen our position as an experienced MRO. Therefore, the training are designed to meet the Indonesia DGCA and EASA requirements.​

​GMF AeroAsia Learning Services has already gained approval by the Indonesia DGCA as an AMTO (Aircraft Maintenance Training​ Organization). We have CASR 147 Certification for Basic and Type Training capability, EASA 147 approval for the Boeing type, and are one of the Airbus Training Centers equipped with the Airbus Competence Training (ACT) simulators. All training and courses are compliant with the FAA requirement in order to provide the approved Repair Station Training Program (RSTP) to support GMF AeroAsia AMO.​

​As world-class Training Center, the graduate of GMF AeroAsia Learning Services are able to emerge in the industry at global level, as our facility is integrated with AMO EASA 145, become the center of assessment for basic and type training approved by DGCA, and a Designated Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Examiner Representative.​