Line Maintenance

Full Line Maintenance services all the way to “A” Check level are available for a wide variety of aircraft. We are prepared at all times to handle overnight transit service and emergency AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations. GMF AeroAsia Line Maintenance is always open
and staffed around the clock to assist our customers at short notice.

Our capability is further enhanced by the MCC (Maintenance Control Center) which plays a vital role in aircraft “on-ground situations”. Our engineers are proven leaders in ensuring that aircraft operations run smoothly and minimizing the impact of unplanned maintenance or technical delays. GMF AeroAsia Line Maintenance handles more than 1.000 flights daily until now. This figure will definitely increase in the future.

GMF AeroAsia is ready to be a strategic partner of aircraft maintenance for every inbound and outbound flight as we provide services in more than 70 line stations throughout Indonesia. Furthermore, more stations around the globe, such as Jeddah, Medinah, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Melbourne


Current Capabilities