Material & Logistic​ Services

Our location in Bonded Logistic Center facility allows us to offer flexibility in fiscal, customs clearance, goods ownership, logistic activity with 24/7​ services. In addition, GMF is fully capable in managing export, import, and distribution starting from its origin to destination using multi-mode​ transportation with priority basis service

GMF AeroAsia Material Services maintains a large inventory of parts and operate​ supporting services such as asset management, component pooling, parts trading and​ loan, exchange, inventory management, logistics and distribution, and AOG services in an​ efficient and cost-effective manner.​

We are certified by the “Aviation Supplier Association” since our materials are fully traceable​ parts. Now GMF AeroAsia Material Services is available for online ordering through GMF​ Aerotrade and ILSmart.​

We aim to deliver airworthy and reliable aircraft to our customers by ensuring the​ availability of airworthy parts, spares, and components. This comprehensive service is​ delivered through long-term relationships with our business partners.


GMF AeroTrade​
Indonesia's first e-commerce of aircraft parts