PT GMF Aero Asia Tbk (“GMF”) is a subsidiary MRO company of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. To support the operation of Garuda Indonesia, Citilink Indonesia and many other customer’s fleet, cooperation is needed between GMF and suppliers to support GMF in providing integrated and reliable maintenance solution.

There are two types of product and service needed in GMF, which are (1) Aviation product and service and (2) General product and service. Aviation product and service includes all materials and services which are directly used for aircraft maintenance and need to comply with certain aviation regulatory requirement. For example: aircraft parts, component repair service, engine overhaul service, etc. On the other hand, general product and service includes products and services which are needed to support our company operation but not directly used in aircraft maintenance. For example: facility management, IT, etc.

Aviation Vendor Registration

As a world class MRO, GMF believe that a strong collaboration is needed. GMF is open for a collaboration to aviation suppliers, repair station and maintenance functions which meets GMF requirement and standard in providing integrated and reliable maintenance solution. The procedure of aviation vendor registration is available on the link below.


General Vendor Registration

To support its dynamic business, GMF needs extensive general product and services. The procedure of general vendor registration is available on the file below.


Tender Announcement

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